How To Get Started Decorating Your Home With Rugs

Area Rugs Are An Easy Way To Ramp Up Your Interior Design

Decor matters in my life, society, and anything in general. One reason why it matters is that it can change a person’s mood in so many ways. If the decor is very dark then it can create a mood that is negative or depressing. If the decor is very light then it can make someone feel very happy and positive. Decor can be lighting, pictures, furniture and etc. I feel like if someone wants to be very positive and happy then they could decorate their house with bright lights, the use of white can create a positive mood, windows can also make good decor because it can make a feeling of openness. All of these light decor can really help a person in so many ways. Like me, I struggled with depression and anxiety and when I decorated my house very light and open I realized that I wasn’t struggling so much with depression. I noticed that I have been happier and more positive in my thinking. It has really helped me to overcome my depression and anxiety because I had a sense of freedom because my decor was so light with area rugs Grand Forks ND.


Society today is about showing one’s true self.  Whether you buy a home or rent an apartment, a well-decorated home is a stage where one should create, relax, live, and love.  When friends walk through the door, they should feel a sense of being welcomed.  Decor helps depict memories of our past.  For example, when we look at old pictures or decorations a loved one have given us, it unlocks a memory from our past that is held in our minds.  Different people have different ways of expressing their lifestyle through decor.  Through decor, it can tell one’s personality as well as their heritage.  For example, my grandmother who is originally from South Korea creates an atmosphere that illuminates a blend of South Korea and her new life in America.  When I go over there I love how she explains what each piece represents in regards to our culture.  Your home is a part of you and it should be filled with memories and things that make you happy.


How To Choose The Perfect Rug Size


I recently moved into a new home,  the floor plan and neighborhood are lovely.  Although I was excited about moving, my new residence was void of color.  It did not feel like a home, so I decided to add many variations of vivid decor.  I had begun with the bedroom.  My comforter and rug are a mixture of royal purple and black. I added silver candles, and lamps to bring a little more brightness to the room.  Needless to say, the color scheme is very pleasing to view. Next, I put my energy into adding some decor to the living room.  The living room area consisted of dark blue and brown hues. It needed another eye-catching color. Yellow throw pillows and wall hangings yielded the final result I desired.  The overall feel was very chic and welcoming.  The vibrant color resembles my personality. I do not follow trends, I am very eccentric when it comes to decor.  I enjoy being creative and pulling a room together with odd colors, and decorations.  My final project was the bathroom.


I love bright colors, I had already utilized yellow in the living room. After a diligent decision process, I selected fuschia pink as the primary color.  I purchased fuschia pink towels and a rug.  The shower curtain has a flower pattern with shades of pink, blue and green.  The color scheme is unique and fun.  The decor items I added have made a tremendous difference in my home.  Decor is very important because it adds creativity to the ordinary.  I am delighted with all the cute additions I discovered.  I also furnished my cubicle at work with decor.  I am never satisfied with a colorless room. I get compliments on my decor arrangements constantly. It is amazing how a simple rug or painting can make a  room explode with style. Everything  I used to decorate my home was very affordable, so there is no need to overspend on quality items. The holidays will be approaching soon, I am anxious to furnish my home with all the festive ornaments and lights.  A well- decorated home is my passion.