Southwestern style decorations in your home or anyone’s home can tell you a lot about that person and somewhat about their lives and how they view the world inside their home and what they feel important in their lives. As I look back on my childhood, in my home and most everyone’s home in my community I visited as a child had Southwestern art, artifacts, statues, and dolls on their tables, walls and everywhere. I even had some in my home I where I grew up, they are so interesting to me and still to this day.

Recently, I did my own research on these artifacts I had in my old home as a child growing up, I found out there are from a Native American tribe that carved these artifacts by hand and passed them down through the generations. I have a new understanding about these artifacts because it is a part of me, my culture that my people trying to preserve through art through the years.

Lastly, décor can tell a story about where it comes from, what people that had it and what it represented. From my culture or a family heirloom you had for twenty and plus years, or you got from a yard sale last Saturday. What you find, it’s just maybe a piece of History you will discover…


Southwestern home floor decorations are important, not because of its archaeological or societal significance, but rather its personal meaning to each of us. The contents of our homes tell the story of our lives – the story of who we are and how we came to be. Home decor is the external expression of our internal selves.

Southwestern Style Is Increasing In Popularity

When we welcome others into our homes we are not simply asking them to step into a building where we just so happen to reside. We are performing the very intimate act of welcoming them into our internal world. This world is filled with the artifacts of our lives; whether that is the oar from our father’s handcrafted canoe hanging on the wall or the perfectly placed Southwestern area rug whose pattern we fell in love with.

Our homes are filled with things we find beautiful and they are reflections of the beautiful parts of ourselves. The components of décor are the elements of our being. Not only do we live in the space, but it is the embodiment of our internal workings. The textures are our emotions and the colors our desires.

Each piece is hand-picked, from the pale washes to deep rich hues, to reflect our personal comfort and beauty. For some that are reflected in a coffee table that was discovered at their favorite thrift store, or one that was handcrafted from beetle-kill pine, or possibly a marble top Chippendale. These pieces, that comprise our homes, reflect our passions and the essence of who we are, whether that is utilitarian, eclectic or intellectual.

Décor matters because these elements in our homes are the signs of life – from a child’s handprint artwork hanging from a magnet on the refrigerator to the throw pillow we refuse to lay on. Each piece tells a small fragment of the story of our lives – how we came to this very moment, who we are and who we hope to be.

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