A centuries-old rug making technique practiced in the rugged Himalaya Mountains will be demonstrated in Newton Lower Falls, at the showroom of Gregorian Oriental Rugs. A Tibetan Master Weaver will show how her native carpets are made using a weaving rod, a technique, unlike any other rug weaving method.

For centuries, the rugged, breathtaking beauty of Tibet – a land once known as “Shangri-La” – has been woven into the sturdy rugs created by hand in high mountain villages. The rugs are made from prized Tibetan wool, which has longer fibers and higher lanolin content than most wool. After their country was invaded by China, thousands of Tibetans were forced to flee their native land. As a result, these rugs are now woven by Tibetan refugees in nearby Nepal.

Tibetan rugs are known for their bold, simplified designs that have been updated to today’s color palette.

Gregorian Oriental Rugs has been serving the decorating needs of New England for more than sixty-nine years. The company was founded by the late Arthur T. Gregorian in 1934, and has been carried on by his son, John, and grandson, Scott. Gregorian Oriental Rugs displays more than 6,000 hand-made Oriental rugs in their showroom on Washington Street (Route 16) in Newton Lower Falls, MA.

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